Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is exciting enough to own a car and drive everywhere you want to go. But it is more when you drive your own boat and exploring the sea and places where car can't go. Spotting an empty island with white sandy beach and just 'park' the boat and jump into the crystal clear water. Packed ourselves with some picnic'c foods and beverages and of course, wines.

The privacy and freedom of getting out from the hectic and stressful city life. No hand phones, no laptops just serene ambient between us and mother nature. It's so funny when we cruised under the Barelang Bridge which I usually pass. Watching the bridge from below. People fishing from above the bridge watching us pass their fishing line. But it's so bad that I haven't tried it for serious fishing yet. Still looking for serious partners to go along with me.

It is not a very big boat. With 200Hp Yamaha machine, I can say it cruise quite fast on the water. Seeing the wave breaks when the boat hit them. It gives a type of calmness and rid off all the stress hormone from the blood system

Following are photos of friend I took with my Nokia phone's camera, and give some photoshop touch to it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

tide and weather forecast