Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yozuri and Yamashita Egi first try out

Not feeling to fish these few days. Weather is not predictable. Now the sun can shine but later it rains like no tomorrow. My kids are all sick. Nothing serious, just common flu. Durians and rambutans are all in their harvesting season. So is my rambutan farm. Usually, every fruit season, people tend to fall sick easier. Maybe because of the weather, or maybe they just eat too much durians.

Water condition was also not that desireable. These few days, current is moving very strong as in river. It's impossible to squid after 9PM. Nothing to do, and curious about the new branded egi performance, I drove to KTM and arrived at 6PM. Water is very clear and calm. Signs of fishes swimming under my 500Watt halogen lamp. My first try was the Yamashita Egi natural color series, blue color. The color of this particular egi is quite dark. And I reckon it's more suitable for fishing at day time. Movements are perfect. It zips fast and sharp like live prawns. Color is very natural and flashes like fish scales. Played with it for quite some time and at last, first strike. Quite big with weight around 600gr. After photo was taken, it's an hour of relentless rod jerking before I got my second strike. Smaller but not happier because my arms were getting pretty sore and it's a small reward for me. Although Yamashita natural color is pretty for human eyes, I still think that pink color is still the most favourite color for squid. I saw few squids just pass me by without even turning their head to see my egi. Compared to the 1.8 size red-colored Yozuri egi that I usually use.
Yamashita Natural Color series

Next, it was Yozuri Neo Skeleton time for action. My favourite color for egi, pink. Only minutes taken for first bite. Compared to Yamashita natural color, in color wise, Yozuri is better. Although people said that all egis are the same, only the technique of fisher is differ. I don't agree on this. Good techniques have to be boosten up by good arsenal. Good egi can increase strike rate. I once witnessed 5 different egi including my Yozuri egi were all fighting trying to bluff squid to take them. I saw the squid, zig zag all the cheaper egi and come for mine. Only one thing for sure, they must have put some magic lotion in the production. LOL.

Yozuri Neo

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reel Scheme Downloads

For those who likes to take apart their fishing reels and end up of not knowing which part to which hole, here are some reel schemes for guidance:

Abu Reel schematics (Ambassadeur/ Cardinal Reels)
Shakespeare and Pflueger

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yo-Zuri and Yamashita Egi

At last, the long awaited egi imported from Japan have arrived. I ordered them few weeks ago from friends I know from Fishing Kaki forum in Singapore. I have ordered few also from Taufik of blacksheephilia.blogspot.com and ready for collection in KTM resort, Batam.

Those I ordered are from YoZuri and Yamashita. Search from their website for latest model. And I especially love YoZuri flashdancer series with its golden skin. Not sure yet whether it will be the love for squid too. Yamashita natural color series looks pretty impressive too. It looks very realistic with it fish like skin.

What matter know is that they all look too pretty for me to dip in sea water and violated by squid ink. Not to say, hooked to corals or weeds. Again, it's not about the price, but 3 more weeks to wait for next batch? Anyway, it's testing time...

YoZuri Flashdancer

Yamashita Natural Color

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Boat - just for fun

I am still confused in deciding whether to repaint the whole boat or just leave it as it is. It has been almost 1 month since I paid for the boat. And I'm really eager in trying to take it out myself and go hunting for big catch. I was thinking, if I want to repaint it, what color suits best? Maybe, grey bottom with black stips, or maybe even a Hello Kitty themed finish (hahah).

I am planning to use a Yamaha 200Hp machine to power up the boat. Suggested by the previous owner who used 115Hp engine, it will be more fun to use a bigger engine since it will lift up the boat like hovering on top of sea surface.

Recently, just get a Hummingbird fishfinder from a friend. He sold it to me for a very low price compared to the market. Not a very impressive posh one, just a monochromed screen sounder. Got myself a complete sea map of Batam surrounding waters and learning hard on how to read it, since I am a total idiot on this. Live well is done, and currently renovating the front cabin for my guest to stay comfortly inside to cuddle with partners. One last item that is still not decided is the GPS. Still looking for good yet affordable one. I already burned quite a big hole in the pocket. So, it's playing stingy time. Anybody who's experienced with fishing boat, please help me on advice for making this boat fun but not funny.

However, I look quite good on the boat right...LOL