Monday, June 29, 2009

Fear of Fish / Phobia terhadap ikan

Fear of fish or ichthyophobia may refer to various cultural phenomena, such as fear of eating fish, or fear of dead fish, as well as to a specific phobia.

Hari ini, saya bertemu dengan satu pemancing yang mempunyai "kelainan" yang sangat unik. Saya menyebut kelainan, karena dia mempunyai phobia yang sangat-sangat jarang ditemui, dan baru kali ini dalam hidup saya menjumpai kasus demikian. Ali (samaran) mempunyai phobia atau ketakutan yang amat sangat terhadap ikan. Tak peduli itu ikan besar maupun ikan kecil. Menurut Ali, sewaktu kecil dia pernah bermimpi dimakan ikan. Dan mulai sejak itu, Ali takut terhadap ikan dan jangankan keberanian untuk memakannya, bahkan melihatnya saja dia takut. Yang uniknya lagi, dia suka mancing.
Today, I met with someone who have "weird" phobia. I called it weird because during my lifetime, this is the first time I'd heard this kind of phobia. Ali (not real name) have the fear of fish phobia, and a very serious one no matter what size the fish is. According to Ali, he had a dream as a child about being eaten alive by fish. And after then, Ali scared of fish, don't say of eating one, he can't even see one. Another weird thing is he likes fishing.

Malam ini, dia main handline mancing sotong di KTM. Strike pertama, cumi jarum ukuran sedang yang langsung ditariknya ke atas tanpa babibu. Untuk tinta cumi jarum gak banyak, kalau enggak, hitamlah kita semua. Selang 1 jam, terlihat dia mulai menarik lagi "sesuatu" yang berat dari dalam laut. Begitu naik kepermukaan, ternyata sotong batu ukuran hampir 2Kg!!! Begitu nampak, Ali langsung teriak,"APA ITU!!!" sambil melempar benang pancingnya ke teman pancing yang berada disebelahnya dan dia lompat ke atas lantai yang lebih tinggi...hahahha....Sayangnya, karena sotong batu kumisnya pendek dan gak menancap dengan sempurna, sotong batu mendapatkan kesempatan hidup sekali lagi...kekeke...
Tonight, he handlined for squid at KTM. First catch was a moderate size aero squid which he pulled without delay. Luckily, aero squid doesn't have much ink, or else we were all covered with black squid ink. After around 1 hour, he was like pulling something heavy from the sea. By the time the thing emerges, it was a Baktao that weight around 2Kg!!! When he saw it, he immediatelly shout,"WHAT'S THAT!!!" and throw his line to somebody next to him and jumped to higher floor...hahahah...but pittily, because Baktao have shorter tentacles and didn't hook nicely to the egi, the squid have a second chance to live...

Aku malam ini, mendapatkan beberapa sotong size sedang dan 1 ekor yang berukuran lebih kurang 1 Kg. Waktu siang hari, kami berhasil memancing beberapa ekor todak yang dibohong dengan umpan udang. Sekarang, aku kehabisan egi Yo-Zuri dan sedang menunggu beberapa teman dari Singapore yang aku kenal dari web untuk membawa pesanan beberapa koleksi egi ke Batam. Di Batam, sangat susah untuk mendapatkan egi keluaran Yozuri, yang ada pun cuman sisa-sisa model lama. Mungkin karena harga yang hanya bisa dibeli oleh kalangan tertentu dan oleh orang yang benar-benar mencintai nyumi. Setelah menggunakan egi bagus, aku seperti kehilangan kepercayaan kepada merek yang lebih murah. Seperti kurang "main"lah. Memang merek tidak begitu bermasalah dibanding teknik, tetapi akan sangat membantu apabila dipadu dengan teknik yang bagus. Sekarang, aku menggunakan egi Yozuri laser color yang mulai menampakkan potensial sebagai cumi killer berikutnya.
I caught some medium sized squid and 1 that weight around 1 Kg. At daytime, we also caught some todak. I had ran out of Yo-Zuri egi and still waiting from friends from Singapore that I know from the web to bring in some new fresh egi which I ask them to help to find. It's very difficult to find this brand in Batam, only some very old leftover. Maybe because of the price that only few people can afford to buy and have high interest in squidding. After using good brand egi, I seemed to lack of confident in using cheaper egi. It just doesn't have the kick. Althought I believe that expensive brands is not a guarantee to strike big compared to good technique, but it will boost the hit rate if combined. Currently, I was using the laser color Yozuri squid jig which was very potential in hitting big fin squid.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to prepare your squid for cooking / cara memotong sotong hidup

Some of us might wonder how to prepare our catch for dinner. Here is for start...

Beberapa dari kita mungkin belum tahu bagaimana cara menyiapkan sotong untuk dimasak. Berikut untuk step awalnya...


Noodling is a southern US practice of fishing for catfish using only bare hands.

Although the concept, catching fish with only the use of the arm in the water, is simple enough, the process of noodling is more complicated. The choice of catfish as the prey is not arbitrary, but comes from the circumstances of their habitat. Flathead catfish live in holes or under brush in rivers and lakes and thus are easy to capture due to the static nature of their dwelling. To begin, a noodler goes underwater to depths ranging from only a few feet to up to twenty feet, placing his hand inside a discovered catfish hole. If all goes as planned, the catfish will swim forward and latch onto the fisherman's hand, usually as a defensive maneuver in order to try to escape the hole. If the fish is particularly large, the noodler can hook the head around its gills.

Most noodlers have spotters who help them bring the catfish in, either to shore or to their boat. When a catfish bites onto a noodler, it holds on for quite a while.

With some of the biggest fish caught weighing in at up to 50-60 pounds, very few noodlers are strong enough to attempt noodling by themselves. Although carrying the fish after they have been subdued is not difficult, trying to secure a fish and remove it from one's hand at the same time can be a challenge.

Noodling can result in superficial cuts and minor wounds to the noodler. This can be reduced by wearing gloves and other protective clothing. Losing fingers is also a risk, whether from the bite or infection. Most holes are deep enough that diving is needed, so there can be a danger of drowning. A person with confident swimming abilities may be caught off guard by the sudden added strain of carrying a large fish to the surface. Spotters can alleviate this danger, but it is still present. A wounded noodler ten to twenty feet underwater might not be able to return safely to the surface, and drown. Clothes may get tangled or snagged on roots or rocks, so some noodlers wear only shorts.

The largest danger posed to noodlers are other forms of aquatic life found in catfish holes. Far more dangerous than catfish are alligators, snakes, beavers, muskrats and snapping turtles, who will take over abandoned catfish holes as homes of their own.

Funny fishing videos

Just for fun...enjoy
Hati-hati kalau lagi mancing, banyak kejadian yang tidak terduga yang patut diperhatikan....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Fin Squid in KTM resort, Batam

Trip tanggal 17 Juni 2009 di KTM resort, Batam. Air surut dengan arus kencang dari jam 5 sore sampai jam 12 malam. Turun ke medan perang jam 7 malam dengan tidak mengharapkan hasil tangkapan yang banyak. Arus sangat kencang dan air bergerak surut. Kondisi yang biasanya sangat susah untuk mendapatkan kuantitas sotong yang banyak, tetapi kalau strike, pasti besar-besar. Strategi pertama adalah menurunkan umpan ikan plata yang dipasang di candit sate, dengan harapan apabila ada penghuni di dasar laut, akan lebih cepat terdeteksi daripada menggunakan capela. Casting demi casting dengan hasil nol.
Trip on 17 June 2009 in KTM resort, Batam. Low tide with strong current from 5pm to 12am. Started to fish at 7pm with not much hope in getting strikes. Water current is strong and low tide. A very unsupporting condition to have lots of strikes. But usually in this condition, we'll get lesser in quantity but big in quality. First strategy is to use selar fish as bait in hope of detecting presence of squid faster compared than using egi. Results, zero.

Sekitar jam 9 malam, setelah memastikan kondisi dasar aman dari sangkutan, saatnya menggunakan capela Yo-Zuri (ed. bukan karena mahal, cuman susah dapatnya di Batam, sayang kalau sangkut dikarang). Teknik yang saya diaplikasikan disini adalah teknik 3 times syakuri, dimana capela dihentak 3 kali sehingga bergerak kekanan dan kekiri. Tidak lama, terasa hentakan dijoran, tetapi sayang, begitu ditarik terlepas. Di ulang sekali lagi, dimakan tetapi begitu ditarik, terlepas lagi....tanpa putus asa, dengan moto minimal mesti dicoba 3 kali, capela dilempar ke posisi yang sama, setelah lebih kurang 15 menit, capela disambut oleh sotong semampar sebesar 700gram. Lumayan, setelah beberapa hari absen narik sotong gede. Tak lama narik lagi seekor cumi jarum ukuran sedang. Sang istri kebetulan juga lagi mancing malam itu. Dua ekor sotong yang kupancing dalam waktu lama sekitar 2 jam-an, dikalahkannya dalam 20 menit. 1 sotong semampar ukuran 600an gram dan 1 cumi jarum yang ukurannya lebih besar dari punyaku...maklum, terlalu banyak dosa ngilangin banyak nyawa sotong...wakakaka..
At round 9pm, after making sure the bottom conditions are clear from derby, it's time to use egi from yozuri (ed. it's not about the price, but it's very difficult to find this brand in Batam. It's a big loss if it stucks in corals). 3 times syakuri techniques is applied. It didn't take long to feel the egi taken by squid. When reeled in, the squid escaped from the hook. Tried again, same jerking but the squid managed to escaped from the hook again. Following the motto of 3 times work the wonder, egi casted on the same spot, and in less than 15 minutes, the squid bites hard on the egi. This time, a 700gram big fin squid landed on my lap...not long after that, a moderate size aero squid were also reeled in. The missus who was also there fishing, beaten the squid that I fished for 2 hours in just 20 minutes....sigh...1 big fin of 600grams and 1 aero squid which happen to be bigger than mine...

Teman seperjuangan juga berhasil menarik 1 ekor sotong batu yang bawa kuali kemana-mana karena takut kelaparan...heheh...lumayanlah untuk malam itu dengan kondisi air yang sangat tidak mendukung.
A fishing friend of mine, also packed up with 1 big squid (baktao). The one with short tentacles and hard back...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Giant Freshwater Stingray / Ikan pari raksasa

Batam Fishing Club member rules and registration

KETUA : Vincent nick Shiro

WAKIL KETUA : Adhie nick Adhie

SEKJEN : Rafi nick Viper

BENDAHARA : Ryan nick Nightmare

Ichang nick Ichang
Taka nick Taka
Willy nick Batam Fishing
Yustiadi nick Yustiadi

Pancing Laut : Rio, Rendra, Serudo
Pancing Tawar : Andre Sastrogoogle, MbahLadi
Pancing Muara : Christ nick HantuMuara
Forum : Dimas nick Bangdim

Peraturan dan Syarat member BFC :
1. Diwajibkan mempunyai ID Card dengan biaya registrasi sebesar Rp.30.000 / tahun dimana Member Card bisa digunakan sebagai kartu diskon dibeberapa toko yang tergabung sebagai merchant BFC.
2. Memberikan identitas asli dan berdomisili di propinsi Kepulauan Riau.
3. Menjaga nama baik Batam Fishing Club.
4. Saling menjaga kekompakan antar sesama member.
5. Tidak menyalahgunakan Member Card atau memindahtangankan kepada orang lain.
6. Setiap event yang diadakan BFC , member diwajibkan hadir.
7. Setiap member diwajibkan memiliki atribut BFC.
8. Setiap anggota diwajibkan membayar iuran bulanan sebesar Rp 15.000 yang harus dibayar selambat-lambatnya tanggal 10 setiap bulannya

Sangsi-sangsi :
1. Surat Peringatan (SP)
2. Di Ban (cabut fasilitas anggotanya)

Sekretariat Batam Fishing Club
Jl. Bengkong Indah I Blok E no. 60
tel: 0778 - 429632 / 0778 - 7048203
Batam - Indonesia

Member Card BFC:

Design sweatshirt BFC

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AquaSkipper - melompat di atas air / hopping on water

AquaSkipper is a new 6-foot-long Jet Ski that makes you hop on water instead of walking or surfing on it.

The device relies on the hopping motion to propel the ski forward.

It is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has a wingspan of seven feet. For the propulsion the device relies on a fiberglass spring.

The hydrofoils create minimum drag which allows it to go up to 17 miles per hour.

Moreover it is much easier to carry than any other conventional ski as it can easily be folded and packed into a duffle bag.

The device is pollution free and is powered by humans, but still the $500 price tag makes it difficult to own.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sotong Jager pada muncul di KTM Batam

Hari ini, menurut Tidecomp air mulai bergerak pasang pada jam 8.45 malam. Air sangat tenang tanpa arus. Seperti biasa, acara mancing sotong favorit gua tetap di KTM dong. Rencana pertamanya pengen mancing selar seperti hari-hari sebelumnya. Mungkin karena datangnya sudah hampir jam 6 sore, alhasil, tak ada satu ekorpun yang kebo'ong ama umpan sabiki. Seperti ritual biasanya, diganti umpan capela untuk nipu sotong-sotong di KTM. Lempar sana lempar sini, sampai akhir gua tetap boncos alias nol besar!!! Yang lain juga tidak lebih bagus. Cuman beberapa cuminos saja yang narik. Biarpun jarang, tetapi semuanya size jagger. Yang narik pertama adalah Syahrial dari BFC dengan size 300-an, gak lama istri gua yang narik, dengan size 800gram-an...akhirnya, semua pada narik kecuali gua...apesssss. By the way, karena trip survey ke kelong Acuan kemarin, stamina gua mesti dijoss balik, jadi terpaksa gua pulang early banget sekitar jam 9an. selanjutnya...lihat sendiri di foto...
Today, according to tidecomp, water start to rise on 8.45 tonight. Water is calm with no current. As usual, my favorite squid fishing spot remains in KTM resort. My first event is to jig for selars using sabiki in hoping to pack few kilos back like what I did days before. Apparently, today is just not selar day. Not even a single selar bluffed to bite the hook. Next, sotong time. This was also zero for me. The rest that time, they didn't get any better than me too. After a shortwhile, Syahrial from BFC strike with a big fin squid of around 300gr. Next, it didn't surprise me now, my wife with a larger squid that weight around 800gr...Eventually, everybody strike but me. Due to lack of stamina because of yesterday survey visit to the Kelong, I got back earlier than usual at around 9 o'clock. The rest...see in the following photos...

Syahrial, ke KTM karena ngiler sama FR survey Kelong Acuan
Syahrial, to KTM because tempted by the Fishing Report from Survey

Sang Istri sekarang narik lebih banyak dari suaminya...gapapalah
The missus now strike more than her husband...nevermind

tuh kan, sekarang narik gurita
see, now it's octopus

Yuce dengan cumi jarum kebanggaannya
Yuce with his proud Aero Squid

Pak Joko, veteran sotong dan mancing dasaran dari KTM
"tiada hari tanpa tanda2 ada sotong"
Joko, a veterant in squid and bottom fishing from KTM
"no days without signals from squid"

Mas David, oknum yang pernah kejebur dari pelantar
sekarang sudah jago nyumi
David, who plunged into the sea by accident
now an expert in squidding

tuh kan, sudah jago...sopar jager lebih dari 1 kilo
That proves my words...big fin more than 1 kilo

Beberapa cuminos dengan sotong jager tidak sempat difoto, karena tukang fotonya kehabisan batere, alias ngantuk...
Some photos with big squid were not taken due to cameraman out of stamina, sooo sleepy.

Anyway, tonight is just not my night...yang penting happy lah...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip Kelong Acuan Jembatan 6 Barelang

To survey location for our coming internal Batam Fishing Club fishing tournament, four of us went to a kelong known as Kelong Acuan at Pulau Galang Baru. The trip we took from Batam is around 45 minutes plus 5 minutes boat trip. We are greeted by Acuan, the kelong manager which is very surprisingly warm and polite. There were already a group of fishers from Singapore casting for fish and some busy with their BBQ grill. The smell made the worms in our stomach grumbling. With the freshest seafood that they catched on that day.

The air is fresh and the fish is abundant. We started the day with casting for squid. It didn't take us long time to strike a decent size squid. Some of the guests before us had already lift us big sized squids and fish. When night falls, I saw the most beautiful night sky with millions of stars making me forget all the worries and stress from work. Acuan offered to stay overnight in the kelong that have 10 rooms with 3 beds in each room. I declined because of some work still need to be done the following morning.

We also had our catch grilled on the BBQ. Funny photos were also made up showing how enjoyable the trip was although it was just a survey trip.

Acuan Kelong from our boat

Singapore group busy with their things

the freshest squid from the sea

kelong interior with 5 rooms on each side

For those who would also like to feel the experience, they also have some packages to offer specially made for fishing and shopping enthusiasts.

Group Package --- 3 days 2 night >>> Sin$. 120 / person + Sin@.300 per 13 person for transportation

day 01 - arrive to sekupang ferry terminal and directly to kelong, free fishing and BBQ at night /lunch and dinner
day 02 - go to an empty island with white sand beach for swimming and sight seeing, back to kelong for more fishing fun / Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
day 03 - go to shopping centres at batam for good bargain stuffs, full day and back at the evening / Breakfast

1. Transportation charges is fixed at the above amount. Tips are adviced.
2. Malay and Hokkien speaking guides.
3. Meals served with seafood from kelong with BBQ all provided.
4. Free flow drinks are included.
5. Seafares are not included.
6. Boat fishing can be arranged separately with extra charges.

for more information and reservation, please email at:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Batam Fishing Club 2nd meeting

Hari ini, meeting yang direncanakan 1 minggu yang lalu dihadiri 90% dari pengurus BFC. Yah, termasuk jumlah yang sah untuk menetapkan keputusan. Meeting berjalan lumayan lancar walaupun ada beberapa member dan pengurus yang sibuk dengan ceritanya masing-masing. Adapun keputusan dari rapat adalah menetapkan biaya registrasi member, iuran bulanan, design atribut club seperti kartu member, logo, serta sweater club, peraturan member serta job description masing-masing pengurus. Dan juga event-event internal dengan skala kecil-kecilan dulu untuk member Batam Fishing Club.

Survey kelokasi di kelong yang berada di Jembatan 6 akan dilakukan hari Sabtu sore besok. Rencananya lomba ini akan diadakan Sabtu depan tanggal 20 Juni 2009 dimana bulan sudah memasuki tahapan sabit. Peserta akan dikenakan fee sewa kelong yang gosipnya bagus untuk mancing dasaran dan nyumi. Fee yang hanya sebesar beberapa bungkus rokok sudah termasuk biaya mancing dan trip pancung PP. Serta bagi member yang ingin mengikuti lomba, diharuskan membayar biaya lomba sebesar per orang saja. Mengenai hadiah, akan disediakan bingkisan senilai beberapa ratus ribu rupiah serta sertifikat. Berhubung karena BFC masih baru dan event ini hanya berupa acara gathering temu muka dan saling mengenal sesama serta sekaligus menikmati keindahan laut dan sunset. Adapun event lombanya adalah casting ikan dan casting cumi. Untuk detail selanjutnya, akan diupdate lagi begitu difinalkan.

Bagi yang ingin mengetahui mengenai persyaratan untuk menjadi member Batam Fishing Club, silakan click ataupun email ke

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Musim selar di KTM / Selar season at KTM

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009, KTM resort, Batam
Berdua dengan istri setelah habis mengantar anak ke sekolah Balet, kami segera banting setir menuju toko pancing Daiwa di Nagoya untuk membeli rawai Sabiki Hayabusa size 5, karena sehari sebelumnya berhasil mendapatkan selar lumayan banyak di KTM. Hari ini, kamipun bermaksud untuk ngomset selar lagi.
After sending our daughter to her ballet school, both me and my wife straightly went to a fishing shop at Nagoya to shop for few packs of size 5 Hayabusa Sabiki. We were excited by tons of selar we caught a day before. Therefore, we would like to try our luck again today.

Kami tiba dilokasi sekitar jam 5.30 sore. Segera isi tas dibongkar, dan joran dipasang Hayabusa untuk istri dan saya tetap main egi. Setelah mencoba dibeberapa lokasi, akhirnya ditemukan lokasi ngerumpi selar-selar. Tampak si nyonya lagi sibuk melepaskan ikan satu persatu. Pelan-pelan, terkumpul 20an ekor selar hanya dalam waktu kurang dari 15 menit.
Arrived at around 5.3o in the afternoon, I quickly put all the gears together. Sabiki for the missus and egi for me. After trying on a few potential spot, she found the gathering ground for selars. I saw from a distance that she was busy untying the selars from the hook. Slowly but surely, she already caught 20ods selars withing 15 minutes.

lagi mencari tahu tempat kumpul selar
spotting potential gathering place

sibuk melepaskan ikan sambil ngitung dalam hati
busy unhooking selars while counting by heart

Setelah merasa sudah mulai bosan, istri pun beralih profesi jadi tukang nyumi. Rupanya punya bakat juga nih orang. Banyak yang pada boncos, malahan dia yang asyik naikin sotong terus.
Maybe because she was bored, she changed to fish squid instead. I think for a woman angler, she's quite talented in eging. Most of the guys there caught nothing that night, but she was enjoying her strike one by one.

Gua juga gak mau kalah lah. Joran ganti tangan dan setelah mencoba dan mencoba semua teknik yang ada dalam kamus, akhirnya berhasil juga menaikkan sotong semampar abg 2 ekor. Lumayan, gak malu-malu amat lah. Selain itu, gua juga berhasil menaikkan beberapa ekor selar papan dengan sabiki Hayabusa. Yang uniknya, yang nyambar bukan hanya selar, tetapi ada 1 ekor cumi jarum ukuran lumayan malah ikut meramaikan hiasan di rawai. Nasib-nasib....
Don't want to loose face, I took back the fishing rod from her and applied all the techniques I know in my dictionary. And at last, I caught a couple of small size squids. Not to bad, as not to loose to much to her. Felt enough, I tried to fish with sabiki and managed to put around 10 of them to my fishing bucket. Funny thing happened, a squid strike on my sabiki hook...lucky.

sotong semampar abg nyantol di egi yo-zuri
teenage squid on yo-zuri egi

cumi jarum nempel di Sabiki
squid on sabiki

Cukuplah sudah untuk lauk besok pagi. Jadi ada sedikit variasi lah. Gak sotong terus.
Enough for tomorrow feast. Some new variation not like the usual all-squid-dinner.

Monday, June 8, 2009

usefull programs from the net

I. image editing
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2. animated gif maker(buat bikin banner)
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II. fishing geek

1. tidecomp > software u/ prediksi pasang surut - tide prediction software(bos Arwan)
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2. program untuk belajar baca GPS - learning to read GPS
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boat Survey

Hari ini, bersama anggota keluarga dan mertua pergi untuk survey kapal fibre di jembatan 2, Barelang. Boat fibre dengan panjang 8 meter tampak lumayan untuk dijadikan koleksi pertama kapal2an keluarga..hehe..cuman sayangnya, mesti banyak yang mesti dikerjakan setelah dibeli. Mesti mikirin mau pasang motor sebesar apa supaya larinya kencang dan gak sakit di kantong. Mesti dibersihkan dasarannya dari lumut dan karang dan dicat ulang supaya kinclong. Mesti hunting Fish Finder dengan GPS. Wuih...masih lumayan banyak duit yang mesti dikeluarkan supaya jadi boat ideal.

Dengan adanya box air untuk umpan hidup dan kamar tidur yang lumayan luas didepan kapal, boleh dikatakan sudah cukup nyaman untuk dijajal diperairan Batam dan sekitarnya. Atas kebaikan hati penjualnya, kapalnya boleh didocking di tempat yang bakal menjadi resto miliknya dengan cuma-cuma alias gratis dengan hanya menambal sedikit biaya untuk penerangan. Yah, sekitar 300ribuan lah sebulan...

Mudah-mudahan setelah dicek nantinya, kapal ini dapat dibungkus secepatnya dan dijalankan untuk mengexplore spot potensial sampai habis-habisan dengan teman-teman yang sehati.

Today, I have a trip with my family and in-laws for boat survey at 2nd bridge island at Barelang. The fibre boat with a length of 8 metre looks quite promising to be the first boat collection of the family. But stilld, so many things in the list that still need to be done after the acquisition. I have to decide the size of the motor that is powerful enough yet gentle on the pocket. I have to clean the bottom of the boat from algae and corals then repainted it to showroom finish. And still have too hunt for a Fish Finder with GPS. Still have to fork out quite a sum of cash to make this boat to my desired one.

With an built-in live well and a sleeping cabin big enough to squeze in 4 peoples in the front of the boat which I think could be a comfortable place to rest when exploring the surrounding water. With the kindness of the seller, I am allowed to dock the boat at his future-to-be restaurant with just returning the favor by paying rp.300k per month just for the lighting to the boat.

Let's just hope that after the final condition checking, I can have this boat wrapped up ASAP so that I can explore the potential spots with some friends.
foto di dock /present condition on dock

bapak mertua ingin merasakan jadi tekong kapal
father-inlaw wanted to know how it feels behind the wheel

Dua anak kembarku, Michael dan Emily
My dragon-phoenix twin