Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip Kelong Acuan Jembatan 6 Barelang

To survey location for our coming internal Batam Fishing Club fishing tournament, four of us went to a kelong known as Kelong Acuan at Pulau Galang Baru. The trip we took from Batam is around 45 minutes plus 5 minutes boat trip. We are greeted by Acuan, the kelong manager which is very surprisingly warm and polite. There were already a group of fishers from Singapore casting for fish and some busy with their BBQ grill. The smell made the worms in our stomach grumbling. With the freshest seafood that they catched on that day.

The air is fresh and the fish is abundant. We started the day with casting for squid. It didn't take us long time to strike a decent size squid. Some of the guests before us had already lift us big sized squids and fish. When night falls, I saw the most beautiful night sky with millions of stars making me forget all the worries and stress from work. Acuan offered to stay overnight in the kelong that have 10 rooms with 3 beds in each room. I declined because of some work still need to be done the following morning.

We also had our catch grilled on the BBQ. Funny photos were also made up showing how enjoyable the trip was although it was just a survey trip.

Acuan Kelong from our boat

Singapore group busy with their things

the freshest squid from the sea

kelong interior with 5 rooms on each side

For those who would also like to feel the experience, they also have some packages to offer specially made for fishing and shopping enthusiasts.

Group Package --- 3 days 2 night >>> Sin$. 120 / person + Sin@.300 per 13 person for transportation

day 01 - arrive to sekupang ferry terminal and directly to kelong, free fishing and BBQ at night /lunch and dinner
day 02 - go to an empty island with white sand beach for swimming and sight seeing, back to kelong for more fishing fun / Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
day 03 - go to shopping centres at batam for good bargain stuffs, full day and back at the evening / Breakfast

1. Transportation charges is fixed at the above amount. Tips are adviced.
2. Malay and Hokkien speaking guides.
3. Meals served with seafood from kelong with BBQ all provided.
4. Free flow drinks are included.
5. Seafares are not included.
6. Boat fishing can be arranged separately with extra charges.

for more information and reservation, please email at: